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Our Bowling Scores

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Keep track of your bowling scores, and the scores of your friends or teammates. Enter your scores game-by-game and watch your running average. (This is NOT a frame-by-frame score keeper.)
Keep your practice scores separate from your league scores, and switch easily from one set of scores to another.
Share your bowling scores through email, Text messages, Twitter, Google+.
A summary of each bowler's scores is presented, including the number of games bowled, average, high game, and high series.
Enter as many games as you want. If you play 4 or 5 games at a time, the app allows this. To enter more than 3 games, save the first 3, and then enter 1, 2, or 3 more games using the same date. It will calculate your running average based on any number of games played, and will not include game scores left empty in your average.
You can edit the games that have already been entered, including adding games to an existing series. Some people want to enter Game 1 for each player, and then Game 2 for each player.
Backup your bowling scores for security, or when you want to move your scores to a new device.
It's really easy to use, and there is an Information button on each Tab to remind you of the things you can do on that screen.
If you are a user of the free app "My Bowling Scores," you can import your scores into "Our Bowling Scores." (Do not uninstall My Bowling Scores until after you have done the import.)
This is a paid app - there are no advertisements popping up to bother you.
Privacy: This app does not collect any information from the user, or the user's device.
User satisfaction is our highest concern. If you are unhappy with this app, send us an email and we will refund your money. Let us know why you are not satisfied so we can take action to correct the issue.
Thank you for Rating and Reviewing our app.